Mesut Ozil ready to take bigger pay cut than his team-mates once Arsenal give further assurances

Mesut Ozil refused to take a pay cut (Picture: Getty)
Mesut Ozil refused to take a pay cut (Picture: Getty)

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil is willing to take a bigger pay reduction than his team-mates once the club give him greater assurances about how the money will be used.

The German was one of three players to refuse the club’s request to take a 12-month pay cut of 12.5%.

The 31-year-old is Arsenal’s highest paid player, earning £350,000-a-week at the Emirates. The German is known for his charitable nature and already gives around £2-£3m a year to charities across the world.

It therefore came as a surprise that Ozil refused to the request, particularly given that the money would be refunded if the club qualify for the Champions League and partially reimbursed if they qualify for the Europa League.

Ozil earns £350,000-a-week (Picture: Getty)
Ozil earns £350,000-a-week (Picture: Getty)

However, ESPN claim that Ozil’s reason was that he felt there was a lack of communication from the club about the request and that he felt the Gunners assumed all players would adhere without question.

Ozil wants assurances over how the money will be used and believes it was a mistake not to consult with lawyers over the request.

The German is willing to take a pay cut and ESPN say he’s ready to give more than his team-mates, who gave up 12.5% of their salary.

However, he wants to see proof about where they money will go and believes more time needs to pass to see the true financial implications of the pandemic.

Mikel Arteta is said to have led the calls for the players to take a pay cut, reminding them all of the club’s image in Britain.

However, he did stress that any player that was unwilling to do so would not be treated differently.

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