Gary Lineker slams Jurgen Klopp for telling Arsenal and Chelsea fans to ‘calm down’

Jurgen Klopp reacted to the protests of Arsenal and Chelsea fans by urging the football world to 'calm down
Jurgen Klopp reacted to the protests of Arsenal and Chelsea fans by urging the football world to ‘calm down’ (Picture: BT Sport)

Gary Lineker accused Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp of being ‘tone deaf’ following his controversial comments in the wake of the protests held by Arsenal and Chelsea fans earlier this week.

Last week’s announcement that 12 rebel clubs were set to join a breakaway European Super League invited an almost unprecedented backlash that culminated in a mass withdrawal.

Chelsea supporters congregated outside Stamford Bridge on Tuesday forcing the kick-off to be delayed in their match against Brighton, while their Arsenal counterparts demonstarted against the club’s owners ahead of last night’s defeat against Everton.

Speaking before Liverpool’s match against Newcastle on Saturday, Klopp attempted to brush the events of the last week under the carpet and insisted it was time for everyone to ‘calm down’ and attempt to focus on matters on the pitch.

He said: ‘It’s constantly mentioned, Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool Football Club – no, it was not Liverpool Football Club. It was representatives of Liverpool Football Club, we have to make a difference.

‘That’s really very important. I see the pictures the last few days of the Arsenal and Chelsea stuff like this… I really think, you all have to calm down.

‘Yesterday on Sky, three journalists sitting all day talking about it, it’s winding up people. You cannot just create other pictures, we are still in a pandemic. People are out there without face masks and shouting their opinion out.

‘All the pundits have to calm down as well a little bit because, yes, no one wanted it, definitely. But now let’s deal with it and not constantly show we didn’t want it.’

Match Of The Day presenter Lineker, however, took a dim view of Klopp’s comments and struggled to comprehend the German’s flippant response.

‘A handful of owners try to tear our game apart and may well try to do so again, and we’re just told to ‘calm down and move on’,’ he wrote on Twitter.

‘Huge admirer of Klopp but he’s spectacularly tone deaf here. Without the fans of our beautiful game it would be much uglier today.’

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